Got any questions?

1. Who can join?
  • Anyone who wants to start their business, whether you want to open your own store or do online business, small or big, we can cater to you. Our items are for wholesale or bulk ordering.
2. I’m only getting retail items, am I allowed to buy from your website since you’re wholesale?
  • We have minimum orders for our products. If you are unable to get the minimum amount of product, you can still avail our items but prices and shipping rates may vary.
3. Do members need to pay a membership fee?
  • Membership is absolutely free. What’s better is when you sign up as a member of our shop, we can easily pull out your shipping records. Accumulated receipts will automatically approve you for wholesale prices. Buying from us will be less hassle for you and cheaper too. Plus you might receive an occasional gift from us!
4. Shipping and Delivery
  • Shipping and delivery is done by our personal delivery fleet or our third party partner courier, Transportify.
5. What are the minimum orders for free shipping?
  • Minimum order of 10,000php will qualify you for free shipping.
  • For provincial customers, we also do free shipping based on location. For further details you may contact our customer service representative.
6. How to track order status?
  • Tracking your order is easy! Just message us through our chat or phone number and we will be happy to answer your shipping questions. If shipping is by our partner courier, you can track your shipping status through their app or website.
7. How do I contact you if I have questions about your products or my orders?
8. What are the perks of joining your newsletter?
  • You get to gain weekly updates on what’s hot, current deals and flash sales.
9. How to pay?
  • Currently we accept COD ( Cash on Delivery ), over the counter payment to our bank accounts and online bank transfer. You can ask our customer representative for banking details.
10. How to order?
  • Shopping at Edepot is easy! Click or Search for the products you want to order.
  • Check the product information to make sure it is the correct item.
  • Input Quantity on the box and click “Add to cart.”
  • Review the items in your Shopping cart.
  • Click “Proceed to checkout”  to place your order.
  • Log-in or sign-up with your email address or Checkout as Guest. Enter required information like shipping address and contact details.
  • Select Shipping Address.
  • Select your Payment method.
  • Click “Place your order”  to finalize the purchase.
  • An order confirmation will be sent to your registered email address immediately after.
  • Once payment has been validated, you will receive a payment confirmation email.
  • A notification will be sent to your email when your items are already shipped.
  • Express delivery items – This option is currently not available.
  • Items not applicable for Cash-on-delivery
    • There are items that are not available for cash on delivery payment. We may require a down payment via bank deposit before we process your order. A Customer Service Representative will coordinate with you regarding the instructions.


  • Edepot offers pre-order on some of our items. Full payment is required upon placing the order. Delivery of the pre-ordered item will depend on the arrival of stocks. Regular items included with a pre-order will be shipped upon availability of pre-order stocks. Some of our pre-order products are usually priced lower than when they arrive, so be sure to look out for those.

Out-of-stock Subscription

  • If products are currently out-of-stock, you may opt to subscribe to receive notification as soon as stocks arrive.

Payment options

  • Edepot has different payment options for all types of customers.
    • Cash on Delivery
      • The total amount due should be paid in exact cash amount. The courier cannot provide any change nor accept other forms of payment (cheque, gift certificate, etc.)

      • A customer may cancel his/her order or change the shipping address provided that it has not yet been shipped. See more information on cancelling in our Terms and Condition.

      • Should the customer fail to pay the exact amount on the confirmed delivery schedule, the order will automatically be cancelled.

    • Online Bank Transfer / Over-the-counter payments

    • Direct Bank Transfer / Bank Deposit

  • You may settle your payments via bank deposit to our account. You may deposit over the counter or transfer via your preferred online banking app. You may also use the bank transfer options in GCash or PayMaya. After paying, just send us a copy of your deposit slip or a screenshot of your bank transfer via email at Please include your name and order number when sending your deposit slip. All purchases must be paid within 3 days from checkout date or else the items will be returned to the store’s warehouse.