Rattan Chair 900


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  • Brand: Sanyobox
  • Size: 15.74” x 2.36” x 32.28”
  • Material: PVC
  • Made from high quality plastic
  • Very durable and sturdy

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The “Rattan” design has been popular recently because of its homey feel. The elegance and style it can bring to your home will guarantee to blend well with your existing furniture. One of the best and most practical chair is the stack chair.  It is a space-saving solution that can either be used permanently or temporarily. It is a popular choice for many businesses that include hotels, schools, restaurants, cafeterias, and offices. With the ability to quickly store the chairs, it allows for the space to be used again for other purposes or when cleaning is needed. This heavy duty plastic stack chair is sturdy in construction to withstand regular use and frequent stacking.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 15.74 × 2.36 × 32.28 in


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