Creative way to use your Inflatable Pool

1. Swimming Pool Ball Pit

You can easily turn a plastic kiddie pool into a ball pit and give your little ones some excitement in the pool even during the rainy season. Just find a place inside where you can store the pit and then fill it up with balls. This works really well with deflatable pools, too. When the kids are finished playing, you can deflate the pool and store it and the balls in a storage container until next time.

2. Repurposed Kiddie Pool Party Cooler

If you’re planning an outdoor party or any type of huge get together, a plastic kiddie pool is the perfect way to keep your drinks cold or you can even use it as a buffet type cooler to keep those mayonnaise based foods cool. Just fill it with ice and add in whatever you want to keep cold. This is much cheaper than a traditional cooler, and much larger, too. You’ll be able to keep all of your foods nice and cool while you enjoy the outdoor weather.

3. Easy DIY Sandbox

Turn that old plastic pool into the perfect sandbox. If your little ones still use their swimming pool, you can just pick up another. They’re much cheaper than sandboxes and hold so much sand! You’ll need several pounds of sand depending on how big the swimming pool is. These are great sandboxes and kids love them. Plus, the higher edges help to keep the sand in the box where it belongs. You can add a larger pool to cover the sandbox when it’s not in use to keep bugs and rain out.

4. Extra Large Bubble Fun

Use that plastic swimming pool to make a huge bubble station. When you fill the pool with bubble solution and use a hula hoop to make the bubbles, your little ones will be thrilled. You can actually create a human sized bubble and they will love being inside the bubble until it pops. You can also let them use their smaller bubble wands to play but who wouldn’t love to make a human sized bubble?

5. Build Your Own Romantic Getaway

Every now and again, it’s great to get away with your significant other for just some you time together. One great way to do this, especially if you have little ones and can’t find a baby sitter, is to just plan a night in the backyard. After the kids are asleep, inflate a kiddie pool, add some blankets and pillows and just relax the evening away in your own private little love nest. Add some chocolate covered strawberries and champagne and you’ve got quite a date.

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